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Ponca's Finest Self Storage, LLC

Ponca City, OK


Providing best-in-class storage solutions!

Computerized gate control and full perimeter fence restrict site traffic.

Facility Features

Ponca's Finest Self Storage has many great things to offer our customers. We are here to provide for your storage needs!


In addition to perimeter fencing, computer-controlled access and gate operation, and total lighting at night, our all-steel unit partitions extend to the roof to give increased security and privacy. Ponca's Finest Self Storage also provides every customer with a free heavy-duty disc lock from Chateau.
Normal facility access hours are from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. seven days a week including holidays; 24-hour access is available on request.
Wide drives and corner radiuses make moving through the facility easy. No need to back through lanes or damage your vehicle when you make a turn.
Added Value -- More Space
Our 3:12 pitched roofs give you more storage space for your money over the more common 1/2:12 pitched roofs. Depending on the unit and the building size, this can mean as much as 25% more space for your storage dollar!
Extended Customer Service Hours
If you cannot reach us during normal business hours, please leave a message on your answering machine. We return calls during off-hours and we are happy to assist you with your rental needs during the evening hours or on weekends. We will do our best to meet your special scheduling requirements.

Secure Entry to the Facility

Access keypads are accesible from your vehicle and record activity at the facility both incoming and outgoing.