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Auction Information

Ponca’s Finest Self Storage, LLC

Lien Enforcement Auction Information


All auctions are held at 10:00 A.M., unless otherwise noted in the legal notice.

Please contact us for current information about the auction schedule.


  • According to the Oklahoma self-storage lien law, any customer whose storage account is in lien enforcement status has until the time of the auction to pay the account balance and, in effect, force the cancellation of the auction. If you would like to check the status of a scheduled auction, please contact us.
  • According to the Oklahoma self-storage lien law, delinquent accounts must be published as legal notices in local papers. Ponca’s Finest Self Storage, LLC. publishes these notices during the two weeks immediately preceding the auction date. Auctions are advertised in the Ponca City News. 
  • Units subject to auction are opened just prior to the sale and are not available for previewing. Potential buyers are allowed a brief, cursory look at the unit contents, and then any potential buyer may offer a sealed bid for the contents of the entire unit. The highest bidder purchases the unit contents, and he/she must completely empty and sweep the unit before the end of the day on the Sunday following the auction.